Student Council

The President and Vice President of the Student Council are elected by the students to represent their needs and interests and to contribute to the decision-making and governance of the College. Members of the Student Council serve on the governing
body. The students are expected to initiate and take responsibility for many of their own activities – for example, the social programme and their contribution to the wider community through collections for charity or other awareness raising events.

Message from the Student President and Vice Student President

As your Student President and Vice President we would like to welcome you and encourage you to study here at St Francis Xavier 6th Form College. SFX is a wonderful place to continue your studies with fantastic teachers and staff and the amazing facilities we have to offer. Coming to SFX has definitely prepared us for university life and the world of work as we are encouraged to become independent and prioritise our time wisely.

SFX is also a fun place to learn and interact with other students through events and activities. We as your Presidents and the Student Council will organise these – including the charity work we do and putting on the Student Talent Show, amongst many other things.

Our advice to you as you take the jump from year 11 to year 12 is that you should take every opportunity as it comes, experience is what the top universities are looking for, and not forgetting to achieve the best grades you possibly can. Your main priority right now is to make sure you pass your GCSEs to proceed to the next chapter of education. You may have to leave your social life behind for a while to make sure this happens but that’s just a small sacrifice for your big success.

The best of luck in your GCSEs and we hope to see you in September.
Olivia-Hope and Joao