A level Sociology

  • Course type: A level
  • Awarding/exam body: AQA


Sociology is the study of how society is organised. We look at the relationships between individuals and groups and how experiences, such as childhood poverty, can affect a person’s life chances. Our students find that sociology makes them look at Britain and the world today in new ways. What students discover is how to think for themselves and to look at human behaviour from different perspectives.




  • Course units...

    Unit 1: Education with Theory and Methods

    Unit 2: Topics in Sociology (Families & Households & Beliefs in Society)

    Unit 2: Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods& Households & Beliefs in Society)

  • Course assessment...

    The A level course is 100% examination based through three papers lasting two hours which are each worth 33.3% of the total A level grade and are taken at the end of the second year of the course.

  • This course can lead to...

    Students can progress to degree courses such as Anthropology, Criminology, Journalism, Law, Social Policy and Sociology.

    They pursue careers in which an understanding of people and social groups is essential, such as the police, law, journalism, teaching, nursing, social work, business and public relations.

  • Course highlights...

    Past visits include:
    • Criminology Newbridge Conference – Listen to leading criminologists and reformed criminals to explore issues associated with Crime and Deviance.
    • Museum of Childhood – Visit the museum to see how the experience of childhood has changed over time.
    • The Old Bailey – See how the criminal justice system operates.

  • Entry requirements...

    In addition to our Programme Entry Requirements, applicants must also meet specific Course Entry Requirements:

    Grade B in English Language or Grade B in Sociology

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