A level Italian

  • Course type: A level
  • Awarding/exam body: Edexcel


The new Edexcel Level 3 Advanced GCE in Italian has been developed to inspire students who have an appreciation of the language, literature, film and culture of the Italian-speaking world.

A level will now be linear, with students sitting their exams at the end of the two-year course.

Themes and sub-themes:

Theme 1: Changes in Italian Society

  • Developments of Italilan family
  • Education system
  • The world of work

Theme 2: Political and Artistic culture of Italian speaking countries.

  • Music
  • Media
  • Culture

Theme 3: Italy: a developng society

  • Positive impact of emigration in Italy
  • Migration problems in Italy
  • Differences between Nord and South

Theme 4: From fascism to today

  • Mussolini wins power
  • Fascism during the Second World War
  • From Dictatorship to Democracy
  • Course assessment...

    Paper 1: Listening – Reading and Translation (Italian into English)

    Paper 2: Written response to works and Translation (English into Italian)

    The writing includes two essays based on either two books or one book and one film chosen from a prescribed list.

    Paper 3: Speaking

    The speaking exam consists of two tasks. Students will be assessed on their ability to use a range of language accurately, communicate and interact effectively, summaries and analyse findings as well as show knowledge and understanding about Italian- speaking culture and society.

  • This course can lead to...

    Languages can be combined with any other subject to add an international dimension to your studies and your future career. The rest of the world most definitely does not “always speak English”.  At university, the ERASMUS programme allows you to study for a year abroad at a European university – whatever the subject of your main course.  Few UK students can do this, because they usually do not have the language skills; with an A level in a language, you will be in a much stronger position to study art in Italy or politics in Spain or law in France.

  • Course highlights...

    • Language assistants to practise your language skills.
    • Trip to Language Show.
    • Language Festival project.
    • Take part in a Film Club.

  • Entry requirements...

    In addition to our Programme Entry Requirements, applicants must also meet specific Course Entry Requirements:
    Grade B in Italian

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