A level Geography

  • Course type: A level
  • Awarding/exam body: Edexcel


Citizenship 001

Modern geographical studies include coverage of issues like globalisation, development, sustainability, hazard management and resources depletion. We also cover the use of modern technology, such as Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

  • Course units...

    Unit 1: Tectonic Processes and Hazards

    Unit 2: Landscape Systems, Processes and Change – including one of two optional sub-topics:

    2.1 Glaciated Landscapes and Change or

    2.2 Coastal Landscapes and Change

    Unit 3: Globalisation

    Unit 4: Shaping Places – including one of two optional sub-topics:

    4.1 Regenerating Places or

    4.2 Diverse Places

  • Course assessment...

    Assessment is examination based, there is an internally assessed fieldwork component in Year 2.

  • This course can lead to...

    Geography is a ‘top ten’ subject – it is high on the list of preferred subjects for admission to university, even if you are not sure that you want to study geography beyond A level.

    You will develop a range of transferable skills for many courses. Environmental and resource management are growth areas, as is planning and GIS.

  • Entry requirements...

    In addition to our Programme Entry Requirements, applicants must also meet specific Course Entry Requirements:

    Grade B in English Language and Grade C in Maths.

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